Reasons for a blog…from a “kitchen table with coffee and the newspaper” sort of guy.

I like my morning coffee at the kitchen table each day, usually around 6AM during the week, 7AM on the weekends.  At 6AM the day’s just getting or recently gotten light.  Everything is peaceful short of the refrigerator motor humming, the ice making machine clattering occasionally and my stomach making some odd sounds.  I’ve stiffly navigated the stairs while enjoying the satisfying aroma of fresh brewed coffee thanks to the automatic Cuisinart coffeemaker, one of our most necessary and cherished belongings.  I’ve ventured outside to get my newspaper at the end of the driveway, so I know the weather for the start of the day…cold or warm, clear or cloudy, dry or wet.  It’s only a brief moment that I am outside and I’ve always assumed the neighbors can’t see me, my morning hair and typical “start of the day scratch.”  Not a pretty sight but it’s me.

I like my coffee strong so we grind it fine, with a few extra scoops added to taste just like the coffee shop’s brew.  Starbucks, Diedrich’s, Trader Joe’s, Seattle’s Best, Pete’s Coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts, Jose’s…they all taste delicious in the morning. On weekdays my wife is upstairs showering while I take the first sips of the all so important morning nectar and my only task is to bring her her morning cup of coffee when I hear the shower stop.  I have garnered serious brownie points for this service over the years.

I read the morning paper front to back skimming many of the articles, fully reading a few that are of curiosity, interest or from guilt of needing to “stay aware.”  I peruse the business section quickly, realizing most of the information continues to be over my head, but it helps me feel “together.” I then head to the sports section to find the small box scores in the Los Angeles/Orange County newspaper of my New England and Boston teams success or failure….and how the “Evil Empire” has done (the New York Yankees).  As I finish my coffee I am settling into my few favorite comics, light, fun and refreshing.  Charlie Brown, Snoopy and friends are a kick.  Dennis the Menace is pretty cool too.  We have no kids, subconsciously he could be why.

While the comics end the morning read on the light side, so much of the news is of crime and misfortune, war and the ravaging of people, state and federal politics and the quibbling of the parties rather than the best interest of the people.  The local news is often good but shared with the sad.  Over the past year it has caused me to think back a number of years to a very enjoyable Sunday morning TV show, “On the Road with Charles Kuralt.”  The show presented great uplifting stories of American life from around the country covering a vast array of subjects and topics as the narrator, Charles Kuralt (who had his own curious life to say-the-least), traveled the American countryside in his big RV.  It lasted an hour and left you with a warm and satisfied feeling…happy.  Another great show my wife and I like to watch is “Rick Steve’s Europe,” a travel show presenting cities and countries from across the globe, its people, culture, life and uniqueness, another “feel good” hour.  I’ve come to realize I need to watch more of these shows to reinforce the goodness in the world.  By the way, how do these people land these gigs??!!

One day I got to thinking about it all as I finished my morning coffee and read.  The good news, the bad news, the good stories, the bad stories, often an unsettling or uninspiring way to start the day pending the headlines.  I like to write, but have never written anything.  I had recently and unintentionally stumbled upon the blog of a colleague who decided to take a new direction in life and he started writing about it in his blog.  I had little understanding of what a blog was with only one previous reading of a blog a few years ago written by my niece about her summer travels.  I figured out how to post a response and felt pretty tech savvy about that.

But I’m not tech savvy, at all.  At age 58 my computer is outdated and slow, even though it has big numbers next to the “GB” on the label.  My laptop is six or seven years old and warms up slower than I do when turned on (no, don’t go there with the comparisons!).  I have the original 1GB I-Phone which I use for emails when away from home or the office, the calendar and the alarm clock.  It use to take some pretty good pictures but I unknowingly spilled coffee on the lens a number of years ago and the coffee dried on it, never to be truly clear again.  Never-the-less, tech naive as I am, I ventured into Google to learn about blogs, what they are for, how to build one and what it takes.  And here I am, heading out into the vast electronic internet world to see what happens.

What am I venturing forth with?  “Friday Morning Light” is my idea of providing simple, light-hearted perspectives of life and life’s uniqueness.  Nothing to serious, analytical or political, just observations of some of life’s elements as seen from my perspective.  I understand that the news…good, bad, happy, sad…is important and it is good to be aware of the world and events around us.  I will still settle in with the newspaper in the morning, with coffee and my grumbling stomach, but I will also spend time here composing my thoughts and perspective on “things” and post a new article available for your reading on Friday mornings.  Hopefully you will find these articles light, interesting and entertaining, a nice way to spend a few moments at the end of your week and the start of your weekend.

I hope you enjoy this venture into the unknown with me.  Let me know your thoughts and comments if you’d like.  I’d enjoy hearing from you.

I am of Irish heritage and proudly so.  And while the Irish have a fine “Top o’ the morning to ya” greeting that brings warmth and a smile, the Australians also have a wonderful greeting, “G’Day mate,” that I find especially friendly and uplifting, so I hope no one minds if I borrow a variation of it each day.  No offense to my Irish lineage intended.

So, as I end my first article on my blog (who would have guessed!)…G’Day friends, see you next Friday morning.

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