“Friday Morning Light” by Michael Madden

“Friday Morning Light” is intended to provide light upbeat articles about some of the more simple and unique things in life as seen through my eyes.  They are articles and perspectives to start your Friday…the end of the week, the beginning of the weekend…on a light and refreshing note.  Hopefully the articles will trigger a smile, a laugh, a nod of agreement or recognition.  They are not meant to take a position per se, recommend anything or sell you a product.  They are meant to take the edge off the week and help you glide into the weekend with a happy outlook.

I am not a writer by trade or profession.  I’m just a simple guy who likes his morning coffee at the kitchen table with the newspaper.  But after reading the news, which is often not all that refreshing in today’s world…although Charlie Brown, Snoopy and others give me a laugh when I reach the comics…..I thought it might be nice to know there is a new article each Friday morning to read and lighten the soul, to help get the smile and good karma in place for the weekend.

This, without a doubt, is an adventure, the first of anything like this for me.  Its ultimate path is unknown.  I am sure it will be a surprise to most of my friends and family as I am neither a computer savvy guy (i.e. “Michael has a blog site, can you believe it???”) nor one who writes very often.  Hopefully it’s an adventure many will join me on.

My first article (“Reasons for a blog…from a ‘kitchen table with coffee and the newspaper’ sort of guy” now in the July 2011 “Archives”) provides a bit more background as to how this adventure came about.  The articles that follow each Friday Morning cover a broad spectrum of the simple things in life as I see them.

I hope you enjoy my perspectives and observations and if so, please tell your friends and acquaintances about “Friday Morning Light.”  Also, feel free to comment on any of the articles you would like.  It would be nice to hear from you.


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